How to Use High Quality Water to Brew the Best Coffee

A well balanced cup of coffee – something that we want to achieve when brewing. In case the taste turns out to be flat, hollow, bitter or vinegary, we often don’t think of the water but assume that there is something wrong with the coffee beans or the brewing process.

As it turns out, there is 98 percent of water in our cup of coffee. It means that the quality of water has a significant role in the taste of coffee.    

There is water in my coffee! 

The transparent liquid H2O we are using as a base of all the coffee served hides a lot inside. Despite its transparency, there is a huge amount of soluble and solids in our tap water. This everyday consumable has a major effect on the quality of your cup of coffee. Also, keep in mind: if the water is said to be of drinking quality, it might not be harmful to your health but can still contain some unpleasant substances that make your coffee taste flat or even bad.

Coffee brewing water should be clean and fresh by taste, smell and look. Also, it should be of food grade, and what’s more, there should not be chlorine, chloramine, and hypochlorite in the water. This is a tough one due to the regular disinfecting of the main water pipes worldwide. 

It is good to remember that fresh, cold water is always the best starting point for brewing coffee. You don’t want to ruin a good cup of coffee by taking hot water out of the tap. Tap hot water is not fresh and often has odd tastes and odors. 

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