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Region of El Salvador


El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado Coffee


Variety: Bourbon

Region: Santa Ana

Altitude: 1,550 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Coffee Farm Notes

Marina Cumbre is a farm that are part of a project and cooperation with the Jasal Family. It’s owned by the producer Alejandro Duarte. As he don’t have he’s own beneficio the coffee is processed at Beneficio Las Cruces. Alejandro is very much in to forest conservation, and a good part of the farm is just forest environment with native trees and species of plants and animals. Located at altitudes up to 1550 meters the farm has been performing well over many years. It consists of 70 hectares in an area well known for sweet, delicate and classic El Salvadorian coffees. The cultivars grown is a mix of Bourbons and Pacamara. The producer is innovative in ways of processing and farming. They separate everything by days of picking and do different processes, fermentation and drying techniques depending on capasity and potential of the lot. In this case it is mechanically demucilaged before it is soaked under clean water over night and then carefully dried on patio. They manage the drying times by building up layers and resting the coffees in piles.

El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado Coffee

Single Origin

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El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado

Our coffee this month comes from El Salvador.
Good fruit and nice acidity, sweet, delicate and complex.

All of our coffee is single origin, direct trade sustainably sourced. We partner with farmers that only use organic farming practices.

A percentage of your purchase is donated directly to the cause of your choice upon checkout!

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5 Review(s)

  1. Avatar

    Amazing coffee… fragrant and delicious…. from the first sip. Yum
    Having this at home makes it difficult to travel. Great roast, Thanks!

    Gregory Smith (verified owner)

  2. Avatar

    Delicious coffee, even better cause!

    Lia Cabello

  3. Avatar

    This is literally the best coffee I have ever had and I have had coffee all over! Pat has a magical way of roasting so that you get the most perfect and fresh cup of coffee every single time. To make it even better they deliver it right to your door, what could be better than that! I get the best coffee to my door, I save money, and help support amazing non profits while enjoying the freshest coffee every morning! Its a win-win! You must try rescue me coffee co!

    Ali Betts

  4. Avatar

    Ditto EVERYTHING that Ali Betts posted. The only, and I mean ONLY coffee I drink is roasted by Pat Bietz/Rescue Me Coffee Co. Knowing the coffee will arrive always freshly roasted, never bitter, smooth and delicious is why I love my monthly subscription delivered to my front door ,plus it makes wonderful gifts to friends! Along with the delicious coffee, I know I am supporting two extremely worthwhile groups who make a difference in the lives of our four legged friends looking for their ‘forever homes’ and the many first responders in desperate need of a ‘buddy/service’ dog! Kudos to Suzanne, Patrick, and Mad Max Defender of the Universe/CEO of Rescue Me Coffee Co.

    Lawrie Margrave (verified owner)

  5. Avatar

    I love rescue me coffee and enjoy receiving my order every month. Nice not to have to worry about it. Just shows up at my door and I am donating to a great cause as well!


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Cupping Notes

Variety: Bourbon

Aroma: Good fruit, sweet, delicate, and complex

Flavor: Honey, stone fruit, black tea, blackberries.

Acidity: Pleasant

El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado Coffee
El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado Coffee
El Salvador Marina Cumbre Lavado Coffee