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Coffee and Dogs Make The World Go Round
Coffee of The Month Club


This month, we arrive at Mt. Kenya

Coffee is grown between 1400 and 2000masl, the best coffee in the Central Kenya region. Kenya AB has been selected at auction as an expertly processed, top-notch offering not to be missed.

Fresh Coffee
Fresh Coffee
Fresh Coffee

For 14 years we have proudly roasted and served coffee to over 64,000 folks yearly at our coffee bar on the central coast of CA!

You can trust we know a thing or two about coffee!

Coffee of the Month


Coffee of the Month

(12 customer reviews)

From: $19.99 every 2 months

AB Top Quality

Our coffee this month comes from Kenya.
Notes of currant, black tea, and a hint of blackberry.

All of our coffee is single origin, direct trade sustainably sourced. We partner with farmers that only use organic farming practices.

A percentage of your purchase is donated directly to the cause of your choice upon checkout!

Rescue Me Coffee does not practice subscription lock-ins. Subscribers will have full control over their subscriptions: cancel, put on hold, or renew. If you need assistance, you may send us an email at [email protected]


12 Review(s)

  1. I stopped in their shop in Morrow Bay to have a coffee and it was AMAZING! I was like wow this coffee is good and I’ve been to many places lol . Plus I love the fact that they help the veterans and disabled with support animals such amazing hearts and it shows when you talk with them love these people and happy to support a family as well!

    Mari Urbach (verified owner)

  2. Really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for writing this. You’ve found a new fan.

    Wynell Corneille

  3. Stopped by at a farmers market while driving through Morrow Bay. First stand I see is a man with his support animal and with the way my girlfriend and I are we can’t just walk by. We had our Ling-Ling (girlfriends emotional support dog) with us dressed up in her American flag dress. He started telling me about the coffee and how it supported him being a veteran in need of a support animal. We couldn’t walk away. We headed inside and met the owners as we were signing up. Most heartwarming people I had ever met and even went out of their way to go get my Ling-Ling a bacon treat. Continued to shower us with care and compassion. The best 3 C’s. Care Compassion and best of all Coffee for a cause. Definitely will be referring this out

    dleecpu (verified owner)

  4. This coffee is so fresh, delicious, and delivered to your door by awesome people who support a good cause. I love getting their coffee every month and the notes, stories, and dog pictures that accompany each bag. <3

    Louisa (verified owner)

  5. Rescue Me Coffee Co. is the ONLY coffee I buy for home/work. It’s delivered fresh and quickly to your home or work, with a few postcards talking about the coffee and it’s origins, along with information on the non-profits they are supporting AND their adorable CEO – Mad Max! I love being able to support non-profits that take care of animals, while drinking delicious coffee! Kudos to Rescue Me Coffee Co. for supporting single origin, direct trade coffee beans from organic farms. I highly recommend subscribing today!!!

    Elizabeth Denny

  6. Best coffee. Hands down. Taste delicious, smells amazing, fresh, and amazing quality! The quality itself is what got me. It’s affordable and I love that they give back. My husband is not a coffee drinker, he absolutely LOVES this coffee. Every time I turn around he’s drinking my cup. They give back to good causes which I love and it truly is heartwarming to see. This coffee is my morning pick me up. I always look forward to new coffee arriving at my door. It’s like my own treat. Besides the coffee, they take care of their customers. They are like family and treat their customers as such. They send little goodies now and then to not just you but your fur baby. They are the sweetest people youll ever meet.

    Kaitlyn Presley

  7. HAPPY DOG MOM TODAY! Dog mom came home from a trip to Disneyland late last night and this was waiting for her! ❤️?❤️. Best coffee ever from @rescuemecoffeeco, mailed home every month and helps a worthy group too! Win win! Need coffee? (Of course we all need coffee!) Run and order this subscription. You’ll thank me later! ?☕️?☕️ Coffee and Dogs! It’s all we need ❤️

    Barbara (verified owner)

  8. I love rescue me coffee and enjoy receiving my order every month. Nice not to have to worry about it. Just shows up at my door and I am donating to a great cause as well!


  9. Ditto EVERYTHING that Ali Betts posted. The only, and I mean ONLY coffee I drink is roasted by Pat Bietz/Rescue Me Coffee Co. Knowing the coffee will arrive always freshly roasted, never bitter, smooth and delicious is why I love my monthly subscription delivered to my front door ,plus it makes wonderful gifts to friends! Along with the delicious coffee, I know I am supporting two extremely worthwhile groups who make a difference in the lives of our four legged friends looking for their ‘forever homes’ and the many first responders in desperate need of a ‘buddy/service’ dog! Kudos to Suzanne, Patrick, and Mad Max Defender of the Universe/CEO of Rescue Me Coffee Co.

    Lawrie Margrave (verified owner)

  10. This is literally the best coffee I have ever had and I have had coffee all over! Pat has a magical way of roasting so that you get the most perfect and fresh cup of coffee every single time. To make it even better they deliver it right to your door, what could be better than that! I get the best coffee to my door, I save money, and help support amazing non profits while enjoying the freshest coffee every morning! Its a win-win! You must try rescue me coffee co!

    Ali Betts

  11. Delicious coffee, even better cause!

    Lia Cabello

  12. Amazing coffee… fragrant and delicious…. from the first sip. Yum
    Having this at home makes it difficult to travel. Great roast, Thanks!

    Gregory Smith (verified owner)

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