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  • Tested as a treatment for many health issues including epilepsy, anxiety, and chronic pain
  • Can also be used to treat anxiety
  • Can be used on the skin to treat painful conditions, like arthritis.

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What is CBD?
CBD is a chemical that comes from the cannabis plant. To make CBD oil, the plant is lightly processed, creating hemp. Most of the CBD people use today comes from hemp. Even though hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis, they are far from the same. Think of CBD and marijuana as cousins. Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC (the chemical that makes you feel “high”). Another difference between CBD and marijuana is CBD is not addicting like marijuana. CBD is usually sold as an oil but can also be found in the form of an extract, vaporized liquid and pill. Many beauty products like shampoo, lip balm, and lotion also contain CBD.

How does it work?
Every chemical taken from the cannabis plant affects you by hooking onto your body’s receptors. There are two receptors for products made from cannabis: CB1 and CB2. Cb1 mostly controls how you feel mentally. It has effects on your feelings, thoughts, modds, and memories. It also has effects on your appetite, which is why someone smoking marijuana might get the “munchies”. The CB2 receptor affects your immune system. This deals with your ability to fight off sickness, heal wounds, and deal with pain. Unlike the THC in marijuana, CBD does not hook on to CB1 or CB2. CBD triggers your body’s natural cannabinoids (that’s a fancy word for the chemicals found in cannabis, which can sometimes be found in your body too!). That is why many people are in favor of CBD.


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