Brewing Coffee 101


Coffee is personal – the right way to make it is how you like it best.

That being said, mastering a few fundamentals will help you perfect your technique. From here, we encourage you to experiment with different roasts, origins, or preparation methods.

Here are our tips to brew a classic cup of coffee.

Make sure that your tools — from bean grinders and filters to coffee makers— are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Rinse with clear, hot water (or wipe down thoroughly), and dry with an absorbent towel. It’s important to check that no grounds have been left to collect and that there’s no build-up of coffee oil (caffeol), which can make future cups of coffee taste bitter and rancid.

The amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee grounds is another important flavor factor.

In a drip system, the contact time should be approximately 5 minutes. If you are making your coffee using a French Press, the contact time should be 2-4 minutes. Espresso has an especially brief brew time — the coffee is in contact with the water for only 20-30 seconds. Cold brew, on the other hand, should steep overnight (about 12 hours).

If you’re not happy with the taste of the final product, you’re likely either:

  • Over-extracting – the brew time is too long
  • Under-extracting – the brew time is too short

Experiment with the contact time until you get the right balance for your taste.

The freshness of the beans play a crucial role in how good a cup of coffee will be. Chances are that you are use to drinking coffee made from stale beans. If you purchase your beans from a large scale coffee company or the grocery store it is very likely that the beans are already stale.

The best way to ensure the freshness of your coffee is to have a coffee subscription. Having a subscription allows you to have fresh roasted beans delivered right to your door, at whatever frequency best suits your unique coffee consumption.

At Rescue Me Coffee Co. we believe in providing our customers with the freshest most delicious coffee beans available. Not only does having a subscription provide you with the freshest coffee, but it allows you to help support Organic Farmers, Rescue Shelters, Veterans and First Responders, making your daily cup even more meaningful.

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