Animal Rescue Project
Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project

Reaching out to as many families or groups of individuals across the United States who take the extra steps needed to nurture and help create a happy and healthy home for any animal who is in need.

Animal Rescue Project
Ending Animal Homelessness

Through film & photography

Through film & photography the Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project gives individuals & organizations who rescue the platform to share their positive experiences. These stories are shared and serve as a rescue resource to inspire communities throughout the 50 states.

Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project has partnered with Rescue Me Coffee to help continue their 50 State animal rescue story mission to end animal homelessness. Founders, Cristian and Ariana Ruben’s focus is to inspire viewers of their rescue story documentaries to go out and visit their local shelters where they too can make a difference by adopting or volunteering.

Animal Rescue

Video Projects

Cristian and Ariana use their collection of rescue stories to educate children and adults on the importance of animal welfare. By partnering with Rescue Me Coffee Co., the Animal Rescue Project can create more opportunities to make a difference. Help us make an impact by purchasing a monthly coffee subscription. Nothing is better than showing your support while enjoying a cup of freshly roasted coffee. With every coffee bag shipped, a percentage is donated directly to Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of others.

Animal Rescue Project
John’s story serves as a highlight to the many hardworking individuals who put their entire heart into saving the lives of defenseless animals. Not only does he rescue he makes sure that they live a comfortable and fulfilling life.
Animal Rescue Project
Mina’s Mini Farm
Our team is so proud of the ongoing work Mina’s Mini Farm puts into the well being of their animals. Thanks to the great team at Mina’s farm the animals here will thrive and live their absolute best lives!
Animal Rescue Project
Hectors love for his Parrots is evident as he takes them on bike rides through International Drive for tourists and Florida natives to enjoy. Life with a rescued animal is so much sweeter and Hector has given his Parrots the life they may have never received had he not come to their rescue.
Animal Rescue Project